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Indian Fashion 101 – Mukesh Work is India’s Original Sequin

New Years may have passed, but that doesn’t mean we have to give up all our sparkle until next December 31. If you want a subtle shimmer that you can rock year round, you’ve got to try Mukesh embroidery, India’s ethnic spin on the sequin.

indian traditional textile fashion techniques

Mukesh are tiny disks of silver or gold that artists hand-sew meticulously throughout a garment to create an all-over shine. Artisans start the Mukesh process by flattening the metal threads used in zari work into the signature disk shape. Then, they space these metallic circles evenly throughout a garment, a technique that creates a soft shimmer that some people say looks like the luster of stars in a night sky.

Mukesh may be subtler than sequins, but when your Mukesh saree hits the light, you’ll get a gorgeous all-over glow that you just won’t get from any other embellishment! Luxemi’s Tangerine Saree with Inlaid Print and Mukesh is a chic example of modern Mukesh work. With intricate silver disks hand-sewn throughout pure georgette, you’ll shimmer from every angle. Another feature we love in this saree is the gorgeous floral-inspired pattern inlaid into the lush fabric.

guide to traditional indian fashion techniques

Luxemi also loves this Mustard Yellow Saree with Mukesh and Black Lace. Its silver Mukesh accents and heavy borders update this classic ethnic look for 2013.

Want to know more about your favorite traditional Indian textile techniques? Check out Luxemi’s Indian Fashion 101 series on the LuxeReport! We’ve got quick guides on everything from mirror work and bandhani to Kashmiri and the lehenga saree, all featuring stunning Luxemi looks that embody these classic Indian styles.

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Indian Fashion 101 – Shimmer In Swarovski Crystals

If there’s one thing in our closets that we can’t live without, it’s our Swarovski crystal embellished saree. There’s something about crystals that make a saree or salwar shine in an ultra fabulous way. And when it comes to crystals, there’s nothing more glamorous than Swarovski.

swarovski crystal colorsSwarovski crystals have been a runway mainstay for as long as we can remember. Even though many companies manufacture crystals, designers overwhelmingly choose Swarovski crystals to give their garments a clean, lustrous flash of light. What gives Swarovski crystals their luxurious appeal? It’s all about the Austrian company’s obsession with perfection. Swarovski patented the machine it uses for crystal cutting in 1892 and has been using its signature technology ever since to create precisely cut crystals with unbelievable shapes and shine. Swarovski cuts its crystals as carefully as a jeweler would cut diamonds, paying meticulous attention to shape, clarity and color so that each crystal is brilliant on its own and stunning when hand-sewn onto a garment. And for fashionistas looking for a bold pop of color, Swarovski’s line of luxury colored crystals features every hue under the sun. These crystals are so stunning that you’ll feel like you’re wearing diamonds!

Just how high-fashion can Swarovski crystals get? Check out the gorgeous, glimmering elegance of these dresses that Elie Saab debuted during Paris Fashion Week 2011. Each dress in his Fall 2011 Couture collection has a soft, feminine silhouette and a sophisticated muted color palate, but what really makes these show-stopping gowns fit cohesively into one chic collection is Elie Saab’s constant use of Swarovski crystals. We love the rich, all-over crystal effect on this one-shoulder navy floor-length dress with an undeniable 1920s feel. And this pastel blue gown reminds us of the wedding dress of our dreams: With meticulously placed Swarovski crystals that shine as luxuriously as diamonds, this stunning full gown with a plunging neckline and form-fitting waist is an absolute stunner.

Although Swarovski crystals are stunning in Elie Saab’s designs and liven up on pretty much any other piece they’re sewn onto, Luxemi can’t think of a better canvas for Swarovski crystals than the saree. The saree’s clean, chic silhouette is a perfect compliment to the glamour and striking shape of Swarovski crystals. And because Swarovski crystals are light as a feather, you’ll be able to hit the dance floor without worrying about your saree’s embellishments weighing you down.

sarees with swarovski crystals

One of our favorite Swarovski sarees from our upcoming collection, Luxemi’s Blue Georgette Saree with Swarovski Crystal Detailing, is the perfect example of why Luxemi loves Swarovski crystal embellishments. The shimmery Swarovski crystals are stunning against the deep, Cobalt blue hue of this Georgette fabric, and the fine, vine-like swirls of the pattern show off the delicacy and precision that Swarovski crystals are known for. If you’re ready to take your Swarovski obsession one step further, we recommend our Gold Embellished Chantilly Lace Saree in regal purple. The subtle Swarovski accents truly take the authentic Chantilly Lace in this piece to another level. Love Swarovski but looking for a different silhouette? Try a Swarovski salwar, like Luxemi’s Mauve Georgette Suit with Cutwork and Swarovski Crystals.

crystal embellished sarees by luxemi

Of course, Swarovski isn’t the only crystal option. If you love the look of crystals but would like a less expensive option, try Luxemi’s Barbie Pink Saree with Crystals or our Butter Yellow Shimmer Georgette Saree with Crystals. Both will have you shimmering in no time.

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