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Metallic Print Trend Fall + Winter 2012 – Indian Foil Work

Ever since Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana and Marchesa gave their Fall/Winter collections the Midas Touch, the fashion world has been enamored with metallic prints. Here’s the good news for all the Indian fashion enthusiasts out there: Indian foil work sarees are an easy and chic way to incorporate a little metallic into your wardrobe. (And did we mention foil detailing is great for festive season?)

silver and gold metallic foil work embellishments

When you wear a foil work saree, you’ll radiate confidence from every detail in the foil work patterning. To create those gorgeous designs, artists infuse gold and silver foils directly into a saree’s fabric, placing and stitching the shimmering materials carefully to shape form patterns and motifs. The result? A festive, fun (and light as a feather) way to make a unique fashion statement.

foil work indian clothing technique saree sari trends 2012 2013

Luxemi loves how foil work patterns add dimension to a saree and catch the light in a gorgeous way. And they’ll definitely put you in a mood for celebrating this festive season!

We’re dying to wear all the foil work looks in the Luxemi collection, but there are definitely a few worth highlighting for festive season. One of our favorites is this Gold Foil Stamp Saree, which features Egyptian-influenced foil work and a stunning gold border that pop against this saree’s lush Kelly green fabric.

saree sari trends 2012 2013 indian Red Carpet runway styles

If you want to show off your artistic side, our Tonal Saree with Foil Printing by Satya Paul has tons of movement and super precise foil work patterning against blue ombré georgette. And if you’re in the mood to feel elegant and sophisticated, this Foil Printed “Club” Pallu Saree by Satya Paul is an absolute stunner. Just look at it for yourself and you’ll see what we mean!

Want more ideas for festive season fashion? Craving a new piece of jewelry? Between our collections of buy and borrow apparel and accessories, Luxemi has something to hit each of your style notes.

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Luxe Ladies: The Life and Style of Alana Watkins

As part of our blog series, Luxe Ladies, we’re featuring a real member of the Luxemi.com community to learn about her and her relationship with Indian fashion.

Luxe Report readers, meet Alana. We recently chatted with Alana about her life, her fashion inspirations, and, of course, Luxemi!

benefits of borrowing and renting indian outfits for weddings online

Luxemi: Can you give us your stats? Where you live, what you do?

Alana: I live in Chicago and work as a National Account Exec for a trade show company that produces local jewelry trade shows.

Luxemi: How would you describe your style?  

Alana: My style is definitely eclectic, and I love mixing highs and lows. I need to feel comfortable and confident in what I’m wearing; those are the 2 fashion rules I always follow.

Luxemi: Where do you find your fashion inspiration? Any fashion icons you look up to?  

Alana: I could peruse Paris street style blogs all day if I had the time. Their style is classic and feminine, all the while having an edge that American style cannot seem to grasp. When it comes to my style icons, they are two polar opposites (but I love them both equally!): Kate Moss and Audrey Hepburn. They always look(ed) so comfortable in their own skin, almost as though they never questioned anything they put on. I am very attracted to that type of confidence.
Luxemi: What is your relationship with Indian fashion?  

Alana: The brilliant colors used in Indian fashion, especially in weddings, are so appealing, and I have always been a fan of the beautiful, gold jewelry. The fashion is so outgoing and has a personality of its own!

Luxemi: Why did you try Luxemi?  

Alana: I knew I needed a major fashion strategy after receiving invites to 4 Indian weddings this summer (one was all the way in Slovakia!). Renting through Luxemi gave me the opportunity to play around with my own style without the heavy investments required for a lot of Indian outfits. In the end, I rented a beautiful sea green sari and an embellished suit.

custom suit for indian weddings available for borrow rental online luxemi

Luxemi: Where did you wear Luxemi? How was your look received? 

Alana: I wore the sari to a wedding reception and the suit to a Sangeet. It seemed every auntie at the reception complemented me on the color, and the girls loved the ornate embellishments. The suit was loved by all, and many asked if I had it custom made!

Luxemi: What did you think about your Luxemi experience?

Alana: I love shopping with Luxemi even when I am not looking for anything in particular. The site is

so easy to shop and I truly trust the fashion sense of the curators behind Luxemi.

Luxemi: Any fashion advice/secrets you’d like to share with Luxe Report followers?

Alana: At the end of the day, fashion is supposed to make you feel good. Just have fun!

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