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Luxemi’s Top Picks from Wills India Fashion Week Autumn/Winter ’14

Pankaj & Nidhi at WIFW AW'14

Pankaj & Nidhi at WIFW AW’14

March is a heavy-duty fashion month for the Indian folks. It is jam packed with two of the biggest fashion events in the country. Case in point: the fash frat was just beginning to recover from Lakme Fashion Week Summer/Resort ’14 in Mumbai, when they had to pack their bags and head to Delhi for Wills India Fashion Week Autumn-Winter ’14.

We followed all the WIFW action and while we loved most of what we saw we can’t help but play favorites! So here goes.

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani at WIFW AW'14

Tarun Tahiliani had just showed at LFW earlier this month, so we were dripping with anticipation to see what he had in store for round two. His showing, ‘Satlada’was a vibrant one indeed — one where jeweled tones, signature drapes, gold jewellery and Mughal references took centre stage.

Abraham & Thakore

Abraham & Thakore at WIFW AW'14

Mavens of minimalism, Abraham & Thakore, demonstrated the power of simplicity with their fuss free yet impactful collection that was produced by Varanasi weavers. The animal print was a welcome surprise and we are particular digging the belted saris and the addition of trench coats to it.


Nikasha at WIFW AW'14

The immensely festive vibe of Nikasha’s creations has made her a Luxemi favorite. And her AW ’14 collection, ‘Bibi’, gave us another reason to love her. The frosty pink, subtle champagne, pale peach and fiery red ensembles with hand embroidery, diamante and pearl motifs are perfect to sport at the end-of-the-year weddings.

Frou Frou by Archana Rao

Frou Frou by Archana Rao

As Vogue India’s Fashion Fund winner, Archana Rao of Frou Frou had a lot riding on this collection. And disappoint, she did not. The strong singular prints, fresh palette and essentially feminine looks caught our eye.

Rahul Mishra

Rahul Mishra at WIFW AW'14

After winning the International Woolmark Prize at Milan Fashion Week earlier this year, all eyes were on Rahul Mishra at WIFW. His award winning collection, inspired by the eight petal white lotus, used a variety of bullion knots, aari embroidery and thread work on sheer, silks, cotton and woollen jersey in addition to the ubiquitous use of bandhani on marino wool. The standing ovation was well deserved indeed.

Dev R Nil

Dev R Nil at WIFW AW'14

Dev R Nil continued to play on their strength —power prints. They gave us plenty to lust after with their collection that used indigenous printing techniques like batik and handloom weaves. Extra props for the effortless manner in which they paired clashing prints.

Sahil Kochhar

Sahil Kochhar at WIFW AW'14

Sahil Kochhar made a particularly strong debut and has the industry waxing eloquent about his statement silhouettes and intricate handiwork. Here’s one to watch out for!

Pankaj & Nidhi

Pankaj & Nidhi at WIFW AW'14

Pankaj & Nidhi’s collection, ‘House of Cards’ borrowed heavily from Spanish culture wherein they took their signature silhouettes — high low hemlines, structured jackets, hand-made appliqué work and intricate detailing — and gave it an androgynous spin.

Vineet Bahl

Vineet Bahl at WIFW AW'14

Vineet Bahl’s collection of florals, Banarasi handlooms and vibrant colors found an instant fan in us. Who’s up for cropped churidaars and ankle length palazzos this autumn? We sure are!

Kiran Uttam Gosh


Kiran Uttam Gosh’s fierce twist to traditional wear was one of the strongest shows this season. The label’s signature drapes made an appearance on the ramp, but this time in muted and gilded hues. What really did the trick was the inspired layering of easy separates to create utterly interesting looks.

Kallol Datta

Kallol Datta at WIFW AW'14

Image credit: FashionForwardTrends

The King of anti-fit stayed true to his tongue-in-cheek style of designing. Kallol Datta’s selfie sari — splashed with own pictures, was a sure shot talking point this season.

Which shows did you enjoy most this season? Tell us in the comment box below!

Praachi Raniwala for Luxemi


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Delhi Couture Week 2012 – Best Collections + Indian Fashion Trends

If there’s one fashion week in August that really excites us at Luxemi, it’s Delhi Couture Week. Don’t get us wrong: we love Lakme and India International Jewellery Week, but there’s something really special about the innovation and glamour that walks the runway at a couture show. Here are three Delhi Couture Week 2012 collections that turn up the drama dial on traditional Indian fashion.

Shantanu & Nikhil

avant garde indian runway fashion design

modern takes on the saree sari salwar lehenga lengha

As soon as we saw Shantanu and Nikhil’s pink gown with a heavily embellished bodice and mega-volume sleeves hit the runway, we knew the designer’s couture collection was going to have a memorable East-meets-West vibe. The design duo’s looks showcase the rich golds, royal reds, opulent brocade and luxurious draping that we all love in Indian fashion, but with a twist: imaginative silhouettes and luscious layering that take Western influence to a new, sophisticated level. The jackets were absolute stunners, and the gold saree-inspired dress definitely belongs in every girl’s dream closet!

Annamika Khanna

indian runway designer fashion trends

best couture fashion design in india

Annamika Khanna’s Delhi Couture Week collection reminds us that a little bit goes a long way. In the collection, Annamika creates bold, sophisticated looks without relying on mega-volume or vibrant colors, instead letting little details (bold collars on her blouses and exotic pattern work on her jackets) make these garments shine on the runway. Not many designers can pull off the minimalist look this well, and Annamika has her gorgeous silhouettes to thank for it. Case in point: Couldn’t you see girls everywhere from India to Chicago wanting to wear that tailored black jacket with those high-waisted crème pants?

Anju Modi

best couture fashion designers india red carpet

fashion trends in india red carpet runway looks

Anju Modi’s collection is all about giving classic Indian silhouettes an urban, modern edge. Whether it’s her tribal-inspired red, black and gold lehenga or that navy blue empire-waist dress with the embellished full skirt (it totally wowed us when it hit the runway!), this collection shows why Anju Modi is one of India’s most iconic couture designers. We love the more powerful looks, but couldn’t help but swoon over her super-feminine white dress with sheer detailing and a hand-knit bodice.

Whether it’s through shocking volume or innovative silhouettes, couture fashion always gets our fashion creativity flowing. In need of some wardrobe inspiration? Check back with the Luxe Report for more coverage of Delhi Couture Week 2012, and browse Luxemi’s collection of sarees, salwars and lehengas.

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Frida Kahlo – An Artist In Painting and Fashion

Folk artist. Nonconformist. Visionary. Eccentric. Feminist.  A lot of words have been used to describe Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo and her colorful, complex life, but for Luxemi, one important descriptor is missing from the list: Style icon. Whether it was her art or her fashion, Frida always marched to the beat of her own  drum. Here’s what we love most about the painter’s iconic personal style.

famous artists with iconic style get the look

indian jewelry frida kahlo

Frida is known for her eclectic mix of indigenous Mexican patterns, vibrant colors, full skirts and funky statement jewelry. Whether she was out with her artist husband Diego Rivera or at home behind the easel, Frida always chose bold clothing that spoke to her individuality. The artist also incorporated her quirky fashion sense into her famous self-portraits, in which she often depicted herself wearing scarves or flowers wound through her hair, and chunky necklaces and rings.

indian jewelry frida kahlo

indian jewelry and accessories based on fashion of frida kahlo

Vogue Mexico channeled Frida with this fashion spread inspired by the painter’s unique fashion sensibility. The mag gave Frida’s signature headscarves, oversized cocktail rings, and bright colors a modern twist that proves once and for all that Frida is a timeless symbol of individuality. Confession: We’re also loving the Indian-inspired bangles in these looks!

indian jewelry and accessories inspired by famous artists

indian jewelry and accessories inspired by frida kahlo's style

Luxemi can help you put your unique stamp on Frida’s funky style. Chances are, your saree or salwar already features some of the vibrant embellishments or textile work Frida was known for rocking. The key to taking your look to the next level? Accessories. Try pairing your favorite saree or salwar with this jewelry to let your artistic side shine. (And while you’re at it, feel free to put fresh flowers in your hair!)

indian jewelry and accessories for an eclectic artsy style

Pictured, clockwise from left: Dual Strand Gold Gungaro Necklace; Navajo Cocktail Ring with Ruby and Emerald Quartz; Crescent Kundan earrings with Pearl Drops; Sterling Silver Lotus Bracelet with Fluorite and Sapphires; and Gold Bracelet Set with Black Accents, all available from Luxemi.

Luxemi loves when creativity and fashion go hand in hand, and there’s no better symbol of fashion’s artistic side than Frida Kahlo. Our accessory collection features necklaces, rings, bangles, hand chains and tikkas that will transform your wardrobe staples into eclectic forms of self-expression!

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Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 – Emerging Indian Designers

During every fashion week, there’s always that moment: The second when you realize you’re witnessing a collection from a designer who’s going to hit it really big really soon. Between Gen Next and the relative newcomers showing on the main stage, there were plenty of up-and-coming designers worth buzzing about at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012. Here are three emerging designers who sent looks that caught our attention down the Lakme runway.

Sidharta Aryan

best up and coming indian designers at lakme fashion week august 2012

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen a lehenga-inspired look as chic as Sidharta Aryan’s fitted floor-length print lehenga skirt and the sleek gold metallic jacket he paired with it. Add in tweed-inspired fabrics and 1960s-esque ethnic prints, and you’ve got a collection that makes major impact. Luxe fans, did Sidharta take a fashion forward step forward or make a fashion misstep by using mixed prints in his Lakme collection?

Vaishali Shadangule

best up and coming indian designers at lakme fashion week august 2012

Luxemi loves putting a modern twist on old school Indian fashion, so Vaishali Shadangule definitely gets kudos for deconstructing traditional fabrics to create the airy one-piece sarees in her Lakme collection. She also used vibrant headpieces to tie together each look — a trend we saw a lot of Lakme designers embracing (and loved)! Vaishali’s designs definitely make a strong statement; which look can you see yourself actually wearing?

Payal Khandwala

best up and coming indian designers at lakme fashion week august 2012

With muted colors and billowy silhouettes, this ultra-cohesive collection relies on color pairings and volume, rather than embellishments, to create drama. That approach leaves a lot of room for accessorizing. Luxe fans, do you think these looks are perfectly simple or borderline boring? We’d also love to hear what Indian jewelry you’d pair with these Payal Khandwala dresses.

Whether it’s an up-and-comer or a familiar face like Manish Malhotra, each designer at Lakme Fashion Week Winter/Festive 2012 brings a unique blend of fashion inspiration to the runway. Want to see more collections the fashion world is talking about? Check out Luxemi’s full Lakme coverage!

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Vintage Saree Photos + Saree History – The Saree is Still Pure Magic

The saree has been enchanting the world ever since the first woman wrapped herself up in its six yards of magic thousands of years ago. Whether it’s conveying a playful vibe at a traditional Indian celebration or commanding the spotlight on the Red Carpet, the saree is still a vision of sensual sophistication. Magic guaranteed.

history of saree sari classic photos

According to one folk story, a love-stricken weaver created the first saree after he dreamt of a beautiful, sensuous woman. He spun long drapes of fabric to mimic the woman’s flowing hair, and infused vibrant colors in the saree to match her personality and warmth. Overwhelmed with how beautiful the garment was, he didn’t stop draping until the fabric stretched to 9 yards. The weaver left the midriff bare, reflecting the Hindu belief that the navel is the ultimate source of creativity and life.

History says the saree dates back to 2800 to 1800 B.C. By then, ancient Indus Valley civilizations were already captivated by its sensuality and magic. Sexy without showing too much skin, the saree has been called “the apparel that covers all yet reveals all.” Styles have changed through the centuries, but there’s one thing we know for sure: the saree’s sensual draping and alluring midriff still have the same magical aura today.

Want proof that the saree’s six yards of magic transcends any era? Check out these gorgeous 1950s snapshots of women in sarees (via Life Magazine).

history of the saree sari iconic indian fashion retro


fashion-1920s-trends-best life magazine india photos

Luxemi can help you channel the sophistication and beauty of these women in vintage sarees. Luxemi’s Red Screen Print with Gold Sequins by Satya Paul features the same movement and artistic pattern pairing as the vintage saree in the first photo. For a strong, simple statement like the woman in the white saree, our pick is this Embellished Saree with Contrast Blouse. And to emulate the third woman’s charisma, try this plaid-inspired Giraffe Print Sequined Saree by Satya Paul. It’s got the iconic six yards of magic, plus plenty of sequins hand-threaded throughout.

new vintage inspired sarees saris six yards of magic luxemi rental borrow looks designer fashion

And here’s the best part: Women of every body type can capture the saree’s six yards of magic. Luxemi’s collection includes sarees for every occasion and personal style — plenty of magic included.

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Solange Knowles – Fashion Rebel with A Colorful Streak

Beyoncé Knowles may be a fashion household name, but her little sister Solange has been gaining a style following of her own lately. With her penchant for bright colors, a funky retro vibe and an undeniable adventurous streak, Solange is quickly becoming one of our fave fashion heroes.

Celebrity street style 2012 trends

We can’t think of many celebs who pull of street style as effortlessly as Solange does. Whether she’s hanging with her son, Daniel Julez Smith, Jr., or taking a stroll in NYC, she always steps out in style. We love how she put a fresh spin on office wear classics by pairing these high-waisted pleated pants with a vintage fitted jacket. But what made the look was the vibrant orange blouse, which is fitting, given that no Solange outfit is complete without a quirky pop of color.

Celebrity Red Carpet print dresses 2012 best looks trends designer gowns

Even though Solange’s street style has us smitten, Beyoncé’s little sister can definitely work the Red Carpet. We’re digging the daring print and asymmetrical hems on this artsy Vera Wang gown she wore in Spring 2012. And did we mention her gorgeous, bright pink lip color?

beyonce vs solange best fashion statements style

Whether it’s neon lipstick or a bold designer dress, Solange’s daredevil demeanor shines most when she turns up the color dial. We’ve spotted Solange in a lot of yellow lately, but her custom Rachel Roy dress from the 2012 Met Gala definitely took her color fetish to the next level. The gorgeous peplum waist and modern, architectural lines on this dress were the perfect, classic canvas for Solange’s spunky signature hue.

celebrity floral flower pattern trend 2012 solange vs. beyonce better style

Solange is also known for picking funky, unconventional patterns like these florals, which remind us of the standout pieces from the Spring 2012 Louis Vuitton collection. (Beyoncé has also been embracing flower prints. Did you see her rocking those Hawaiian print pants from Stella McCartney’s 2012 Resort Wear Collection?)

beyonce vs. solange knowles best style indian infuenced accessories collar necklace gucci purse funky interesting manicures

One aspect of Solange’s style that really sets her apart from the pack is her fondness for fabulous accessories, whether it be a daring hairstyle, vintage Chanel, unconventional nails or, of course, bold necklaces, rings, and bracelets. We love Solange’s affinity for pairing chunky bracelets with everything from designer evening gowns to vintage button-down blouses. We can see our Luxe fans looking just as gorgeous in their Indian bangles or collar necklaces!

indian inspired runway fashion beyonce and solange knowles bright colored sarees saris salwars suits

Want to inspire your inner fashion risk-taker? Luxemi’s collection includes sarees and salwars (pictured above!) that have Solange’s funky taste written all over them. Whether you’re going for her signature yellow or an imaginative print, we’ve got the perfect look to push you outside your fashion comfort zone.

Pictured above:

Mango Salwar with Gota Embroidery by Nikasha $258 to Borrow

Striped Saree with Contrast Blouse by Satya Paul $358 to Buy

Striped “Mod” Embroidered Saree by Satya Paul $178 to Borrow

Hot Pink Silk Coat with Sequins$578 to Buy

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London Olympics 2012 Fashion – Gold Gladiator Glam

2012 london olympics indian fashion

After four years of anticipation, the London 2012 Olympics are finally here — and we’ve definitely caught Olympics fever. Given the games’ history of adorning the world’s best athletes in gold, silver and bronze, there’s no better time than now to give your wardrobe the Midas Touch. Here’s how to channel your inner golden gladiator in time for Friday’s Summer 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

india fashion london olympic games 2012

Vogue India fell head over heels for Olympics-inspired fashion in its July 2012 issue, and this was the mag’s general consensus: Go for the gold. From warrior collars to sequined blouses and metallic mini-dresses to fierce cuff bracelets, these looks put a bold spin on gladiator glam.

olympics inspired indian saree gladiator earrings

From its heavily embellished Gota border to its powerful use of fuchsia, this Navy & Pink Georgette Gota Border Saree has warrior written all over it. Pair it with these impactful Sterling Silver Engraved Hanging Earrings or these Sterling Silver and Red Glass Earrings to ensure you’ll reign supreme over any fashion scene

luxemi indian salwar olympics celebrity gold trend summer 2012

For another gladiator-influenced look, try accenting Luxemi’s sheen Gold Sequin Salwar with Red Contrast with our Circular Gold Disc Headpiece. Thanks to style icons like Nicole Richie and Alicia Keys, the classic headpiece is just as stylish now as it was in the early days of Olympic fashion!

india olympic games 2012 sequin gold blouse celebrity metallic trend summer fall 2012

Want to give your favorite saree an Olympic-worthy makeover? This Gold Sequin Blouse by Wild Orchid packs a powerful gold punch that will make any outfit ready for the winner’s podium. Luxemi’s accessory collection also has heavy collars to match every accessory style.

olympics india gladiator accessory trend summer fall 2012

For a bit of the Midas Touch, our picks are this Crystal Collar with Black Drops Set or this Kundan Set with Pearl Embellishments with stunning meenkari detailing on its reverse.

No matter what country you’ll be cheering for at the London Olympics 2012 (our money is on India to win archery, badminton and wrestling!), a gorgeous gold look is the perfect way to celebrate. Check through the rest of our collection for more glam gold sarees, salwars and accessories.

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Zodiac Inspired Indian Fashion – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (Fire Signs)

Everyone knows a fiery personality when they meet one, and a fire sign’s closet tends to reflect the same bold passion. Just for fun, we’ve paired each of the fire signs with an outfit or accessory from our collection that matches its outgoing personality and vibe. Here’s Luxemi’s Indian fashion horoscope for Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

summer 2012 fashion trends indian style saree tangerine tango

Leos are social butterflies who have plenty of confidence and ambition to go around. They exude warmth and generally bring a loving attitude to their daily lives. Given their glow and positive aura, it’s not surprising that Leo is associated with gold or orange tones. Want to bring out your inner confidence and warmth? This Pumpkin Saree with Kundan Stone Work is the perfect way to let Leo’s confidence and charm shine. It’s a bold look worthy of celebrity Leos like Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron and Madonna.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Summer 2012 fashion trends indian sarees

A philosopher and explorer by nature, the fiercely independent Sagittarius craves freedom. People with this sign are usually positive, kindhearted and enthusiastic toward life, and are often depicted as wearing purple. If you’re a Sagittarius, you’re in good company: Scarlett Johansson, Christina Aguilera, Katie Holmes and Tyra Banks are born under the Sagittarius sign. Want your wardrobe to reflect your sense of adventure? This Striped Saree with Contrast Blouse by Satya Paul has chic orange and white stripes that travel perfectly throughout free-flowing georgette.

Aries (March 21- April 19)

summer 2012 saree fashion trends celebrity runway style

One of the most courageous of all the signs, Aries is known to be independent, enthusiastic and generous. Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker and Reese Witherspoon all fall under this strong sign. To match Aries’ go-getter attitude, there’s nothing like a powerful red look. From its red and blue contrast to its heavily embellished border, this Navy Pink Georgette Gota Border Saree packs a strong punch. And to finish off this powerful warrior look, Luxemi loves these Gladiator-inspired Sterling Silver Engraved Hanging Earrings.

Whether you’re a lovable Leo or a strong Sagittarius, Luxemi has the perfect saree or salwar to let your personality shine. Want more fashion inspiration? Check out Luxemi’s full collection of sarees, salwars and accessories. We’re sure you’ll find one to leave you starry-eyed.

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