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Globetrotting Fashion Trend Spring 2013 – Luxemi Loves Eclectic Ethnic Prints

If this season’s runways are any indication, we’ve got a year of fashion globetrotting ahead of us. Here are the edgy, Eastern-inspired print and textile looks that have us wanting to pack our bags to take a world fashion tour.

indian inspired runway fashion 2013

indian inspired western fashion trends 2013

We fell in love when we saw all the brocade on Fall 2012 runways, but we’re digging this new trend even more. For Spring 2013, designers are mixing and matching print and textiles in an eclectic, ethnic way that’s a major nod to Indian fashion. Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, Tory Burch, Elizabeth & James, Vera Wang are just a few of the designers who have sent layered print and textile looks down the runway for spring.

indian inspired western runway fashion

One of Luxemi’s favorite globetrotting looks is this Altuzarra Spring 2013 runway dress. We love how the designer mixes a blue and yellow textile (which looks like it may be embellished with zari) with a perfectly draped gold and white embellished print. And did we mention the fringe?

biggest spring 2013 celebrity fashion trends

We’re also loving the Neeru Kumar-esque vibe of this striped knit skirt in Derek Lam’s Spring 2013 collection. By pairing the skirt with a cutout short-sleeve top in racecar red, Derek Lam gives knit a funky, playful twist for the New Year.

The best thing about the mix and match textile trend is that the options are endless! The zari work, buttas, mirror work, bandhani and traditional weaves we love are all getting a new appreciation in Western runway looks this spring, so if you haven’t already been rocking your print and embellished sarees, now’s the perfect time.

indian fashion trends 2013

When it comes to imaginative textiles, Neeru Kumar is the first designer who comes to mind. For her mod take on classic Indian textiles, try this Red and Blue Deconstructed Bandhani Saree by Neeru Kumar.

Another easy way to tap the global print trend is by rocking Luxemi’s Brocade Coat with Velvet Border by Kisneel, which is the epitome of fabulous fabric mixing and matching. This stunner is unique from its sweetheart neckline down to its rich double border. And Luxemi’s Cerulean Blue Saree with Gold Sequins and Foil Printed “Club” Pallu Saree by Satya Paul both capture the shimmery print detailing that’s all over the runway in Spring 2013.

Have you spotted any other Indian inspired fashion statements on the runway lately? We love when our Luxe fans drop us a line and share their favorite fashion obsessions!

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Luxemi Founder Picks – Swapna + Swathi’s Favorite Indian Fashion Statements

There’s nothing Luxemi loves more than hearing about our Luxe fans’ latest fashion obsessions. And now it’s our turn to give you a little inspiration! Here are the Luxemi pieces that Luxemi’s co-founders, Swapna and Swathi, can’t live without.

Swapna’s top Luxe picks:

best indian designer fashion 2012 2013

I love the regal, glam vibe of this Blue and Purple Davry Saree. I wore this saree to my brother’s wedding with Luxemi’s Gold Sequin Blouse by Wild Orchid and absolutely loved how it looked and felt! You’ll love it too once you feel this luxurious crepe silk!

Another of my favorites is our Bronze Stretch Satin Halter Blouse by Kavita Bhartia. Every girl should have this super versatile piece in her closet. It’ll breathe new life into your old sarees and, as an added bonus, the stretch means it will fit you like a glove.

When I spotted this Gold Gungaro Necklace, it was love at first sight. It’s a nod to old-school temple jewelry with a modern twist, and looks great layered over Eastern and Western outfits.

Swathi’s top Luxe picks:  

best indian fashion 2012 2013

I absolutely love our Red Brocade Salwar with Sequins and Gota Work. It’s just the right mix of red and orange, and the bib style adds just the right amount of flair. Plus, gorgeous brocade makes this piece feel extra-special.

If you haven’t heard the news, Pantone’s 2013 Color of the Year is emerald, which is yet another reason to rock Luxemi’s Gold Earrings with Striking Emerald Quartz. These earrings will give you the perfect pop of color near your face.

It’s hard to find a Satya Paul saree I don’t love, but this Foil Printed “Club” Pallu Saree is definitely one of my favorites. It’s slim and sexy with a touch of flash. And did I mention that you don’t need to pleat the pallu?

We’re always happy to swap fashion advice with our Luxe fans. Contact us via Facebook, Twitter or email to tell us all about your favorite Luxemi looks and Indian fashion statements!

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Vintage Saree Photos + Saree History – The Saree is Still Pure Magic

The saree has been enchanting the world ever since the first woman wrapped herself up in its six yards of magic thousands of years ago. Whether it’s conveying a playful vibe at a traditional Indian celebration or commanding the spotlight on the Red Carpet, the saree is still a vision of sensual sophistication. Magic guaranteed.

history of saree sari classic photos

According to one folk story, a love-stricken weaver created the first saree after he dreamt of a beautiful, sensuous woman. He spun long drapes of fabric to mimic the woman’s flowing hair, and infused vibrant colors in the saree to match her personality and warmth. Overwhelmed with how beautiful the garment was, he didn’t stop draping until the fabric stretched to 9 yards. The weaver left the midriff bare, reflecting the Hindu belief that the navel is the ultimate source of creativity and life.

History says the saree dates back to 2800 to 1800 B.C. By then, ancient Indus Valley civilizations were already captivated by its sensuality and magic. Sexy without showing too much skin, the saree has been called “the apparel that covers all yet reveals all.” Styles have changed through the centuries, but there’s one thing we know for sure: the saree’s sensual draping and alluring midriff still have the same magical aura today.

Want proof that the saree’s six yards of magic transcends any era? Check out these gorgeous 1950s snapshots of women in sarees (via Life Magazine).

history of the saree sari iconic indian fashion retro


fashion-1920s-trends-best life magazine india photos

Luxemi can help you channel the sophistication and beauty of these women in vintage sarees. Luxemi’s Red Screen Print with Gold Sequins by Satya Paul features the same movement and artistic pattern pairing as the vintage saree in the first photo. For a strong, simple statement like the woman in the white saree, our pick is this Embellished Saree with Contrast Blouse. And to emulate the third woman’s charisma, try this plaid-inspired Giraffe Print Sequined Saree by Satya Paul. It’s got the iconic six yards of magic, plus plenty of sequins hand-threaded throughout.

new vintage inspired sarees saris six yards of magic luxemi rental borrow looks designer fashion

And here’s the best part: Women of every body type can capture the saree’s six yards of magic. Luxemi’s collection includes sarees for every occasion and personal style — plenty of magic included.

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Fall 2012 Runway Trends – Interior Design Inspired by Indian Fashion

For Luxemi, interior design is a lot like fashion: both reflect your personality through color, texture, pattern and, of course, eclectic accents. Want your style to transition seamlessly from your closet to the rest of your home or apartment? Here are five rooms inspired by our favorite Luxemi sarees and salwars!

Fall 2012 collections and matching interior design

Given that Tangerine Tango is Pantone’s 2012 Color of the Year, this Modern Striped Leheriya Saree is a great transition piece to wear between summer and fall. For a vibrant living room that mimics this saree’s texture and gold embellishments, we love pairing funky red-orange chairs with metallic accent pieces like a gold ottoman and bronze candlesticks. The room’s off-white molding against a tangerine-colored wall is a detail just as eye-catching as this saree’s gota border with buttas.

interior design inspired by fall 2012 fashion trends cool colors orange

Want to pair your favorite orange hue with a cooler accent color? Luxemi’s Tangerine Salwar with Aqua Embellishments is festive, funky, and hits just the right Bohemian notes. Stick with the same chic color palate for a bedroom that reflects your quirky style. The orange and crème print curtain channels the salwar’s floral bodice embellishments, and the turquoise focal wall and leather chair offer the same stunning contrast as the look’s churridar pants. And did we mention that the white branches act as one of the cutest headboards we’ve seen in awhile?

interior design inspired by fall 2012 runway fashion lilac lavender purple

If your style is super sweet, this Lilac Salwar with Silk Leheriya Border is the perfect starting point for a space that makes you feel lively as soon as you step foot in it. This living room’s lilac rug and magenta pillows recreate this salwar’s light yet sophisticated color palate and hit the same interesting textural notes. The finishing touch? Long, airy lavender curtains that emulate the flow and grace of this sweet salwar.

interior decorating design inspired by fall 2012 runway indian fashion blue and white color palate

The beauty in this Blue and White Moon Jacquard Saree by Satya Paul is its ebb and flow between blue hues. You can add the same artful touch to a living room through patterns and accent pieces. Luxemi loves the contrasting blue patterns on this modern armchair, especially when paired with a glossy blue lamp and white wall art. But our favorite accent is definitely the blue and white patterned pillow, which swirls and curls just like the intricate pattern on this hand-painted designer saree, all the while evoking thoughts of the night.

interior decorating ideas based on fall 2012 fashion trends celebrity black and gold

We can’t think of many color pairings more classic than gold and black, and with a few twists, this quintessential combo transitions perfectly into a 21st Century wardrobe and interior design. Luxemi’s Tribal Saree with Brocade Border has rich brocade work and modern black stripes to make it simultaneously elegant and updated. What keeps this gold, black and white room so fresh is the same attention to patterns and shades. The gold frames and charcoal striped rug pick up this saree’s gorgeous border detailing and tribal vibe, and keep the room looking as light and effortless as you are.

Whether you’re incorporating your favorite Indian pattern into an outfit or an interior design, Luxemi loves how fashion brings together color and texture in an artful way. For more eclectic ideas, check out our apparel and accessory collections — they’re filled with gorgeous motifs, patterns and textiles to inspire your inner designer!

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Stella McCartney Resort Wear 2012 – Hawaiian Print Is Chic Again

Not too long ago, the Hawaiian shirt occupied a special place in the unfashionable zone, somewhere in the realm of mommy jeans and the tacky Christmas sweater. Not anymore! In Stella McCartney’s Spring 2012 Resort Wear line, the celebrity designer gives the Hawaiian print a long-awaited makeover. Palm trees, sunsets and island florals have never looked so chic.

Said Stella of her Spring 2012 Resort Wear line, “All this color and print is about exciting and re-energizing people, and it’s nice for everyone to see that you can actually enjoy and live in these clothes.” We get where she’s coming from, because her resort line has wearable, casual island style written all over it.

Indian sarees inspired by Stella McCartney resort wear

The looks we love most in Stella’s collection are the ones that mix Hawaiian prints with bold stripes. What’s her standout outfit? This pairing of an orange, red and blue striped poncho with tiny Hawaiian print shorts. Only Stella could make mixing silhouettes, proportions and patterns seem so effortless. We’re also loving the collection’s full, ankle-length striped skirt, which has an easy-breezy line perfect for the beach or an afternoon out. Couple that with a casual short-sleeve Hawaiian floral shirt, and you’ve got 21st Century comfy chic vacation wear.

Stella McCartney florals Hawaiian print celebrity trend pants

Stella’s line has been a big hit on and off the runway, with the most notable celeb fan being new mom Beyoncé. She recently rocked the collection’s high-waisted, form-fitting floral pants during a day outing, pairing the pants with bright yellow heels and a black blouse to make the look all her own.

Hawaiian print celebrity trend Indian inspired fashion spring summer 2012

Want to capture the summery island style of Stella McCartney’s collection? Luxemi’s Red and Pink Print Satin Saree by Satya Paul features a vibrant Hawaii-inspired print that makes the saree silhouette resort ready. Like Stella’s prints, Satya Paul’s digital Hawaiian pattern features gorgeous flowers blooming all over luxurious, lightweight silk. It’s a must have look for all Luxe fans this summer!

Whether you’re going on a tropical getaway or just want to infuse a little island spirit into your wardrobe, Luxemi has chic takes on Hawaiian prints to put you in the summer spirit. Will you be rocking your Luxemi saree on any of your upcoming vacations? We’d love to see pics!

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